Boslivinea is a Micronation with several Provinces Landlocked by the United States. We in Boslivinea believe That everyone is equal, No matter Race, Gender, or species. We also believe that violence is unnecessary and war is just plain dumb.

We also fully support the LGBTQIA+ rights movement. Infact, the Princess herself is LGBTQIA+

What is A Micronation?

micronation is Pollitical entity who claim to be an independant Nation but lack recognition from any other major Government.

National Animals

There are so many awsome animals in the world! So that's why we have more than one National Animal.

Eastern Chipmunk

Northern Mockingbird

Mallard Duck

Wood Duck

Tufted Titmouse

Northern Cardinal

Eastern Gray Squirrel

White-Tailed Deer

National Sport

The National Sport of Boslivinea is Stick Fighting. It's very Fun and the rules are quite simple: Rule #1. The two competitors must Have Sticks That are Roughly the same size.

           Rule #2. You win by hitting your opponents stick to the ground or making them                            surrender. 

           Rule #3. You may not get a new stick half way through the game.

           Rule #4. You may not  hurt your opponent. If you do hurt Your opponent in any                             way, they automatically win. 

           Rule #5. Have fun!

Space Program

The Boslivinean Space Program is dedicated to studying the stars and advancing our understanding of the Universe.

Below is a little funny to make your day better.

Royal Air Force

Most Contries around the world have Armed Aircraft. We in Boslivinea believe that Aircraft should be used for peacefull purposes, such as: Joyrides, Photographing wildlife, And just plain having Fun!

Below are some photos of the Boslivinean Royal Air Force's largest aircraft the Grega GN-1

National Video Game

The National Video Game of Boslivinea is Super Mario Bros, And for good reason! It's timeless and Perfect in every single way.

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